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Next kinkbash: October 16th 2021

We aim have a variety of shops, organizers, performance artists and more at this fair, from all across Europe. It will be held online during the week with live streaming on Saturday.
Our goal is to have

  • Shops with fetish- and bd/sm- gear, clothing and merchandise, such as latex cloting, leather clothing, collars, whips and more.
  • Lingerie-, burlesque- and pole-clothing.
  • Shops with LGBTQ+ gear and merch such as packers and binders for transpersons, pride flags, pins and such. Vendors with crossdressing things such as big size shoes and quality wigs.
  • Sex-toys shops for everybody
  • Small and big manufacturers (eg. ”Etsy-shops”) of harness- jewelry, leatherwear, shibari ropes, latex pieces and one of a kind burlesque show stoppers.
  • Original artwork from artists into fine art nude
  • Organizers of fetish-, bdsm, kinky, burlesque, tantra and other sex- positive events such as play parties, educational workshops and lectures.
  • Price ceremony praising different efforts from the year passed, such as educator of the year.

Is this of interest for you?

We want to send thanks to all contributors and visitors to Kinkbash 2018. With more than 600 visitors we'd say it was a great first one. Justine&Juliette, EywaStockholm, Flirt Fashion, MissSusan, ButtHurt Canes, QX, WeGotCookies, Strebrenicz, Obsidian Dreams & KimZ turned up with a great width of goods.

Sexperterna taught us more about what condom size to wear and the RFSU group for BDSM & Fetishism along with Elena Sperner was here with a misstion to spread information about our community.  Representatives from Scandinavian Leather Men (SLM) stayed all through the day and night.  

Peer Rope, Stockholm Kinbaku Studios and Flogging Devils kept the stage and S:t Andrews cross going all day long with performance and the possibility to try something for the first time. 

We're happy that did a shout out and we'll certainly use both darkside, facebook and QX gay map to share the next event. We'll use all your feedback from this year along with our experiences to make next Kinkbash bigger and better. 

Let us know if you wish to contribute in the future. 
What follows below is from last kinkkbash and does not apply for 2021.

Adress and opening Hours

Kinkbash is open 12.00-18.00 on 13 October 2018.                          
Entrance is free for all visitors.   

The adress is Söder Mälarstrand 25, Stockholm.
Parking outside the venue is not allowed but there are som spaces closeby.

Vendors, Private sellers & Artists

Contact us by email if you wish to participate. We offer space for shops, webshops, kinky communitys and more. There will not be a flea market but if you have a range of products that you have made or collected yau may participate as a private seller.  The venue is on ground level with easy acces to loading and unloading of your goods. If you're an artist looking to reach new audience we might have a spot for you - let us know.


Flogging Devils

Flogging Devils

They have an intention building a community for people with a passion for or a fascination with flogging. Open to people receiving flogging as well as for the flogging persons.
They offer workshops and openings for practice and once in a while a Flogging-party.


Club Wish Stockholm

Club Wish is run as an association for individuals who identify as women, transgender and/or intersex and live in this identity on a daily basis and have an interest in BDSM and Fetish. They organize parties, play parties and workshops. 



KimZ (DS) will be selling handmade floggers


Elena Sperner

A sex-positive educator and activist. Her research interest circles around BDSM and fetishism.

Piercing & Jewelery

Jewelery and professional piercing.

Space for you?
Send email to if you wish to sell, perform or inform at Kinkbash 2018

Abzint Ztore

Miss Susan

Handmade latex clothing and accessories made by Miss Susan.
And also some used latex clothing from my personal collection.


Eywa Stockholm



Handmade multicolored latex dresses

Piercing @ kinkbash

Ornament Bodypiercing & Jewelery will have artists in place if you wish to get something done.

Try something new

You will have the chance to try different bdsm, fetish and kinky actions and attributes. We'll present them here as in due time.


We will have a S:t andrew cross, a cage and some shackles in place so that you may try the feeling of beeing physcially restrained.

Kinbaku & Shibari
The japanese art of rope-bondage have been spreading acress the world. Peer Rope Stockholm will be there to let you try.

Impact play    

We will have people in place for you to try different kinds of impact such as spanking and flogging. Flogging Devils will guide you.

Electro, latex and more
Justine & Juliette have brougt some sensual electro toys to their shop and Club Abzint Ztore will have latex to try.

Club Abzint Stockholm Weekend

Kinkbash is a part of  Club Abzint Stockholm Weekend 2018.
Friday 12 October: Club Abzint Playful Friday will be a night of playfulness with news such as lube-pool and sybian kakaoke alongside with a red room, rope corner and space to hang out with new and old friends. 

Saturday 13 October:  Club Abzint Code Black. An evening with focus on play and bdsm where all must dressed in black regardless of material. Dress black, play hard, act sharp.

Sunday 14 October: Sunday saloon with Club Abzint (other venue). No dresscode. End the weekend with old and new friends. Have a coffee or a beer and play or chat.  

Kinkbash 2018

Södermälarstrand 25